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Erotic massage in the salon

Massage in 4 hands Kyiv around the clock is a real feast of sensuality. The girl skillfully rubs the inside of her thighs, “accidentally” running the back of her hand over the male genitalia. Such tricks cause strong excitement, which leads to unbridled discharge.

Erotic massage is carried out around the clock in the best conditions:

  • complete security;
  • unconditional confidentiality;
  • perfect cleanliness, comfort, separate apartments for each guest;
  • twilight and comfortable temperature conditions in the room;
  • incense, expensive massage oils for the procedure;
  • air conditioner;
  • bar services (coffee, hookah, fruits, drinks).

Erotic massage procedure in the salon

First, the girl rubs the neck area in a circular motion, gently kneads the collar area. Gentle massaging fingers quickly relieve accumulated tension. Without missing a single millimeter of the shoulders and arms, the masseuse goes to the back muscles.

It seems that the client is ready to doze off under strong and gentle hands, but no such luck. The best massage in Kiev for men around the clock is not designed for sleep. The impact on the active stop points will immediately bring the guest out of sweet oblivion. And the girl’s fingers slide higher and higher, rubbing the calves, thighs, buttocks. Aromatic oil allows the palms to move without leaving the body for a second. As you approach the main erogenous points, the movements of the fingers become more and more diverse.

The amplitude and intensity of stroking changes at the most unexpected moments. The blood in the veins of a man runs faster and faster, making the skin sensitive. Rolling onto his back, he is already ready for playful touches, but the masseuse is in no hurry. Having worked on the temples, forehead, she slowly moves lower and lower. Breasts, nipples, lower abdomen are not ignored.

Life is too short, and it would be a pity to spend it only on work and household chores. Sometimes you have to be able to relax. Intimate massage in the salon around the clock will awaken new feelings in every man, open unknown channels of pleasure. After all, you can live life and not know what touches will make your heart skip a beat with delight.

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