Vip massage

VIP massage and standard massage: is there a difference?

Erotic massage attracts men of different ages and statuses. The salons offer various programs: classic, BDSM-themed, provocative. You can get a massage with continuation in Kiev with the participation of two or four beauties. There is a special offer for valuable customers – the VIP program. It offers more possibilities.

VIP program options

Everyone can get an elite massage . Its feature is high cost. Along with this, the client gets more opportunities. So, a man takes a bubbling jacuzzi with a charming girl. After they take a shower. The masseuse herself will apply foam to the client’s body and rub it.

The client has more options. It can touch the groin, chest, neck of the masseuse. Or give her a massage. In the process, it is possible to use a gag, a whip, a belt, a cord for strangulation. Each action is discussed separately. Sometimes it is enough to discuss the limits of what is acceptable before starting the massage.

2-3 girls can participate in the VIP program. A man can replace one of them. It is allowed to ask to take a certain pose during caresses: a passionate cat, a hot lioness, an elegant fallow deer.

If you need a massage ending in Kiev , then the salon is ready to offer special options. It is not necessary to have fun with a masseuse. She can relax the body while listening to the client. In the modern rhythm of life, few people can just talk and not be afraid of condemnation.

The peculiarity of the VIP program is a complete adaptation to the client’s needs. In some cases, it is possible to go out into nature or to the house of a man. This service is available to the most valuable visitors of the salon.

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